Rahul Dravid is now a Bloomer


Rahul Dravid stands for excellence built on integrity and he has proven himself on the biggest stages of the world for his country. He has built a reputation for his consistency and for this he is often referred to as Mr. Dependable or as opposing team’s called him “The Great Wall of India ''.

We at Bloom are deeply inspired by this true Indian Hero. He has delivered for his country when everyone has given up countless times. Calm under pressure, a cool temperament and honest sincerity in everything he does. Just like Rahul Dravid Bloom aims to deliver for its loyal users every single time. We aim to deliver when you are on the road in unfamiliar settings far away from home with a clean, crisp and consistent experience.

This is our promise and every Bloom Team member strives to deliver like Rahul Dravid did for his country. With sincerity, honesty and excellence… every single time.

“We are proud to welcome Rahul Dravid as a Bloomer and are privileged to have a legend that stands for our values of winning with humility and integrity as our ambassador. We hope to live up to his example and deliver every single time no matter the challenge at hand.” Tom Welbury, Chief Product Officer, Bloom.

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A new generation of hotels operated by world class professionals.