Exploring the Best Places to Visit in Cochin : Must-Visit Destinations

Kochi or Cochin is the most populous city in Kerala, not only because it is a port city but also due to trade and urban connections with other cities within and outside Kerala. It has come a long way since its independence and is now regarded as one of the major trade centers in southern India. Apart from the industrial and commercial sectors thriving in the city, tourism has flourished over the years.

Since the city is vast and has much to offer, knowing about the best places in Kochi beforehand is right. Let's quickly look at the best places you should visit while staying in Kochi.
Mattancherry Palace
Constructed in 1557, the Mattancherry Palace, or the Dutch Palace, is the true manifestation of Dutch architectural semblance and one of the best places to hang out in Kochi. It features four distinct wings, separated from one another and bordering a central courtyard or patio. From the outside, it looks similar to a typical residence in Kerala. But as you explore its design and embellishment, you will find an uncanny resemblance with Dutch architecture in many places. A Bhagavati temple is present right at the center of the courtyard that you can visit. Apart from this, you can also pay your respects at the Krishna and Shiva temples. With lush gardens sprawled over a vast area and famous portraits and paintings proudly displayed on the walls, the Dutch Palace is worthy of a visit.

Address: Mattancherry, Kochi, Kerala 682002
Folklore Museum
If you want to delve deep into Kerala's local culture and heritage, no other place would be as good as the Folklore Museum. The gates will remain open from 9:30 AM to 7 PM, so do plan your visit accordingly. Here, you can explore some of the precious artifacts of Kerala, especially those belonging to the native tribes and folk people. It was opened to the public in 2009 and has since been an exhibit of traditions and heritage. Its architecture exudes the Malabar vibes, which are hard to resist. From different costume sculptures to Kathakali masks, ornaments, and others, this museum has a lot to see. Also, you will be surprised by the famous manichitrathazhu, which is nothing but a traditional door lock used explicitly in Kerala. So, consider including it in your list of places to see in Kochi.

Address: 2059C, No 26, Pandit Karuppan Rd, Kochi, Ernakulam, Kerala 682013
Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary
Known to be full of enchantments, the Mangalavanam bird sanctuary is one of the best Kochi sightseeing places on your itinerary. It is marked as a biosphere reserve and often considered a global hotspot. Here, not only will you come across native and indigenous species but also several avian migratory species that fly to the country from other places. Apart from this, the mangrove forest is worth exploring, thanks to its high density and quaint ambiance. A little further, you will find a small tidal lake leading to the Keralan backwaters. You can ride a boat to explore the backwaters and dense forest on both sides. Currently, there are more than 32 avian species, including but not limited to white-breasted water hen, spot redshank, marsh sandpiper, and greenshank. The best way to revel in the sanctuary's beauty is to visit the place at dawn or dusk.

Address: High CT Road, Marine Drive, Kochi, Ernakulam, Kerala 682031
Veeran Puzha Beach
Kochi is the home to numerous offbeat locations, and Veeran Puzha Beach is one of them. It features the Malabar coastal terrain with a vast open sky that seems to change its color at dusk and dawn. The beach itself is less crowded, which indeed adds to its attraction. Stroll along the sandy coastline, mingle with the locals and the fishermen, or go on a boat ride to enjoy the sea breeze. You can even enjoy the local food from the stalls and click as many pictures as you want. If you visit the beach early in the morning, you can even enjoy fresh juices and coconut water.

Address: Veeranpuzha, Kochi, Kerala 682027
Athirapally Falls
One of the best places to visit in Cochin is the Athirapally Falls. Having a height of approximately 80 meters, it is the highest fall and is often termed the "Niagara Falls of India." So, it is worthy of being included in your itinerary. Since the location is open, you can see the avalanche of water rushing down the steep mountain slopes and creating a misty fog. The surrounding terrain of the Anamudi mountain of the Western Ghats adds to the rugged beauty of the fall. Once you take in its magnificence, you can visit the nearby theme parks to have fun with your friends or families. There are several restaurants where you can grab quick bites or plan a family lunch together.

Address: Athirapally, Chalakudy Taluk, Thrissur District, Kerala
Chottanikkara Bhagavathy Temple
According to the locals, the Chottanikkara Bhagavathy temple is approximately 1500 years old, which is why it is so famous amongst the natives and tourists alike. Here, you will find the traditions followed as per the norms of Hinduism, like people paying their offerings, participating in aartis and prayers, and even getting engaged in several devotional programs. The two goddesses you will find here are Keezhu Kavu Bhadrakali Amman and Chottanikkara Bhagavathy Amman, both of which have healing powers. The locals believe worshiping them from the depths of the heart can heal physical ailments and relieve mental problems and stress.

Address: Chottanikkara, Kochi, Kerala 682312
While there are numerous places in Kochi to visit, the ones mentioned above are the most popular. They will offer a comprehensive experience of Kerala's heritage and culture, history and folklore, and natural beauty. Additionally, these places can be visited any time of the year, so you won't have to be very particular about your trip season. Do consider staying at the Bloom Boutique | Waterfront Fort Kochi for a boutique experience.

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