8 Best Party Places to Enjoy Nightlife in Amritsar

Amritsar, the Golden City of India, has so much to offer to others, whether it is the rich treasures of the bygone times or the cultural diversity thriving in the heart of the city. But the offerings are not limited to these only! When we talk about Amritsar, it’s not quite relatable to overlook the thriving and vibrant lifestyle within the city. From shopping markets and complexes to luxurious hotels, the city has re-established itself as a major urban hub in Punjab.

So, it is general to expect a bubbly, heartfelt, and exhilarating nightlife in Amritsar. To put it in better words, the city welcomes everyone who wishes to have a blasting night with its chain of bars, clubs, cafes, and hotels. From dining with your partner on a rooftop café or enjoying exotic cocktails served at home, there are so many ways in which you can get the raw taste of the city’s thriving nightlife.

But with so many nightclubs in Amritsar, deciding where to start can be a hassle, especially since you have a limited number of trip days and must get the best out of it. So, without further ado, let the fun begin.
1. Scotch Haus
If you want a regal experience in a lavish bar, no other place could count as much as Scotch Haus. Whether it is to grab a couple of drinks or throw a party for your friends, this place is an ideal destination. Drinks are served on the house, with a versatile menu of cocktails, mocktails, wines, and other categories. The interior screams luxury from all senses, so ensure a high budget.

Address: Hyatt Regency, Lobby Level, Grand Trunk Rd, Amritsar
2. Elgin Café
Another excellent spot to spend some quality time with your pals or companions is the Elgin Café. It remains open from 12 p.m. to 11:30 p.m., so you won't be in a rush to visit. Apart from trying out some of the specialty cocktails and mocktails, you will always be on your toes, owing to the live performances. The café is quite enthralling, especially with the surrounding greenery. It is a perfect location to spend some relaxing time with your family and kids. The bistro is located separately on the other side from the main café area to make it a friendlier place for people of all ages.

Address: Ivy Hospital, Ajnala Road, D R Enclave, Bal Schander, Amritsar- 143001
3. Proof- The Bar
Considered one of the best clubs in Amritsar, it remains fully packed with young people, tourists, and middle-aged people. The interior is shadowed in red to have an overwhelming effect on the mind from the first glance. Its backdrop is mind-boggling, albeit in a good sense. Plus the embellishments and the luxurious settings. Do try some of their exclusive drinks, like the Blu Topaz and Blu Sapphire. It poses a contemporary interior, which compliments the mood pretty well.

Address: 8th, Mile Stone, Anjala Road, Bal Schander, Ranjit Avenue, Punjab
4. Irish Beach
One of the most popular party places in Amritsar is the Irish Beach. It resembles a local tavern you can often see on the beach sides. So, be prepared to experience a light, funky, and casual ambience as you step inside. It serves ample dishes and drinks to the visitors while ensuring it can live up to its reputation from all senses. Apart from trying the regular whiskeys, you can order a few of their exotic cocktails on the menu.

Address: 4, The Mall Road (opposite Kalyan Jewelers), Amritsar, Punjab 143001
5. Sky Club
Another lively location here in Amritsar to spend your night time is the Sky Club. The live DJ, excellent lighting, and a dominating combination of hues are crucial in creating an enchanting atmosphere. The views are truly mesmerizing, especially the humongous bar counter with tall chairs placed at the front. You can book a private booth with seats separated from the common ground and spend quality time with your companion, family, or friends. Apart from this, you will also have access to the open dining space with a menu that will instantly make you famished.

Address: 7th floor, Passport Office Block B, Ranjit Avenue, Amritsar
6. Peddlers
From the name itself, you can guess the resemblance this nightclub cafeteria shares with the English culture and lifestyle. The vast array of food found here is something to die for. Here, the café is separated from the bistro area so that people can enjoy quality time with their families. Once you are inside, you will be amazed by the lively and vibrant ambience, especially after sundown, when the music starts blasting through the speaker and the crowd starts swaying their bodies to the beats of the songs.

Address: Sco 36, District Shopping Complex, Ranjit Avenue, Amritsar, Punjab 143001
With this complete list of pubs in Amritsar, you won't feel bored anymore after sundown. Choose the ideal location as per your mood, companion, and budget so you won't have to abide by any limitations. Book a stay with Bloom Hotels in Amritsar and enjoy the nightlife.

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