Unraveling The Best Kept Secrets Of Jal Mahal Jaipur

What comes to your mind when you hear "Jal Mahal?" A majestic palace amidst a large pool of water, right? Then get ready to make this imagination a reality when you witness the magnificent Jal Mahal Jaipur.

The city of Jaipur was founded by the then-ruler of Amer called, Jai Singh II in 1727 and was designed with sheer brilliance. Jaipur features some of the best structural wonders in the country - from Hawa Mahal to Jantar Mantar and from Amber Fort to Jal Mahal. You'll find history in every corner of this enchanting city.

These architectural wonders attract millions of tourists every year. The Jal Mahal is one such architectural marvel which we will explore in this article.
What Makes The Jal Mahal So Unique?
Even though the Jal Mahal looks like it's floating, the truth is a bit different. It is a five-story building, out of which four stories remain submerged, and only one storey remains above water to create that magnificent illusion.

The palace shows the architectural brilliance of the Rajput kingdom of Rajasthan. The palace is made using sandstone and is surrounded by Man Sagar Lake. This splendid piece of architecture in Jaipur is spread around a catchment area of 23.5 square kilometers, a surface area of 300 acres.

Towards the northeast of the lake area are hills with quartzite rock formations that form a part of the Aravalli hill ranges. Rocks may have been used from here in constructing some parts of the palace. Catch the splendid view of four Tibaris built on a Bengal-style roof with Chhatri-style architecture facing the four directions. The terrace garden surrounding the Jal Mahal is called Chameli Bagh.

But do you know that the palace contains no personal chambers? This unique design makes historians still wonder if the palace was used for residence or acted as a picnic spot at that time. It is also observed that the palace walls are so strong that it doesn't let the lake's water seep in. Although the palace has suffered wear and tear for the past many years, the restoration projects undertaken by the Government of Rajasthan have helped maintain the prestige of the palace.
Location and Surroundings
The surroundings of the Jal Mahal will leave you in awe. The splendid beauty of Man Sagar Lake, surrounded by a lush hilly landscape, sets the mood right for travelers and produces a picturesque landscape and a tranquil environment. The lake and the region surrounding the Jal Mahal also attract many avian species. Thus, birdwatchers and photographers will have a ball of a time in and around the Jal Mahal. Boating activities are also around the palace, with extraordinary sunset viewpoints and picturesque light and sound shows.

If you want to visit the Jal Mahal, it's a cakewalk! Situated in one of the prime locations of the city, the place is well connected by every mode of communication. There is a wide range of attractions within a 5 to 7 km radius. Not only this, but from the Jal Mahal, people can visit Amer Palace, City Palace, Badrinath Temple, Albert Hall Museum, Jantar Mantar, and Hawa Mahal, all within a three to six km distance.
Visitor Experience at Jal Mahal Jaipur
There are quite a number of reasons the Rajput and Mughal style architectural wonder attracts millions of tourists each year and increases the tourism of Jaipur as a whole. The palace is open from 6 AM to 6 PM every day of the week. One can even take camel tours to visit the various statues and buildings. Thus, if you visit Rajasthan, visiting Jal Mahal has to be on your list.
The Jal Mahal is a piece of history and should be visited by everyone who visits Jaipur. It is located in a scenic location, connected by roads, and falls within a small distance from other marquee locations of the city. The Rajput architectural expertise with a hint of the Mughal style will surely fascinate you. The place is often most loved by those who enjoy staying in nature, enjoying the chirping of birds, and falling in love with the different shades of the landscape that the city of Jaipur can offer. And to make the most of your trip, don’t forget to book Bloom Boutique | Chelon Haveli and have a truly royal experience.

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