Exploring The Most Haunted Places In Rajasthan: A Spooky Affaire

- Mansi Senghar
We've all relished ghostly tales with cousins during summer breaks at our grandparents', haven't we? Some of us couldn’t sleep through the night alone after a spooky story session while the others kept asking for an even scarier story. If you belong to the latter segment, this haunted trip to Rajasthan will intrigue your septic fascination.

Rajasthan is famous for its forts and palaces but beyond those thick palace walls, lies the realm of supernatural powers, whose mysteries have been locked for years. Apparently, the walls weren’t thick enough to keep these stories bottled up forever. And according to the local legends, even after years, you can still witness a frightening and bone-chilling supernatural presence in some of these forts and villages. So join us as we explore some of the most haunted places in Rajasthan.
Bhangarh Fort
The first one on our list is the famous Bhangarh Fort. Located in Alwar District, this fort is famous for its eerie aura and supernatural activities. Not one but many stories have been associated with this fort. One of the most famous anecdotes revolves around a tantric who fell in love with Princess and started practising black magic to woo her. When the princess got to know about this, she ordered his death and that’s when the Tantric spells a curse on the entire fort and its inhabitant to die of a rather painful death.

Unsure of the real story, many ghost hunters have tried to find the truth but failed to unlock the mysteries. Some reported sensing a paranormal behavior while others denied any such occurrence. However, the Archaeological Survey of India has restricted any entries after sunset. The eeriness, spooky stories and ruins of the forts make up a good combination for people to believe in the mystiques of Bhangarh. Visitors often report a sense of unease, anxiety and unusual noises that fill up the fort. But these are all stories unless you visit yourself and find out the truth.
Kuldhara Village
This cursed village is now in ruins! According to the local legends and folklore, Kuldhara was once inhabited by a village full of people. But on one unfateful day, one of the king’s ministers fell in love with one of the girls and village and warned their folks that if they don’t agree upon marrying the girl to him, he will have her abducted. Afraid of the minister’s warning, the girl and her family fled, but only after spelling a curse on the whole village. They cursed the village that anyone that resides there will never prosper and die of starvation. Upon the curse, the village eventually was reduced to ruins and no one could habitat there.

This place is reportedly spooky and visitors aren’t allowed after dark. The ruins have a dreaded story that speaks of itself in the muffled cries of the dead villagers. However, the ASI has not found any proof that can check these folklore but the visitors definitely vouch for the existence of a supernatural presence here. Would you dare to visit this ghostly village?
Nahargarh Fort
Located in Jaipur, Nahargarh Fort is believed to have the spirits of Nahar Singh Lohia. This fort was featured in Aamir Khan's ‘Rang De Basanti’ in which the characters in the movie encountered supernatural activities. After the movie came out, a lot of ghosthunters and adventure seekers visited the fort to unravel the truth behind the allure of Nahargarh Fort and some of them reported having felt a presence, a frightening presence, that would whisper to them when they are alone and the temperature then suddenly drops.

To add to the mystery of this already mysterious fort, in 2017, several dead bodies of men and women were found in this fort. The reason for their death is still unidentified but it is believed that it was the ghost that did it. However, no proof was found to support anything. If this story was spooky enough for you, you can be a part of regular excursions to Nahargarh Fort that focus particularly on the haunted spots of this palace and find the truth.
Brij Raj Bhavan
Located in Kota, this palace was built in the early 19th century and served as the residence of Major Charles Burton. It is believed that Major Burton was taken to death in this same palace while he was asleep in his bed chamber during ‘The Revolt of 1857’ and ever since then, the spirit of Burton is roaming in Brij Raj Bhavan to avenge his death. The palace workers have reported hearing footsteps, a drop in temperature and even seeing objects moving in the air.

However, contrary to the folklore, the ghost of Major Burton is rather benevolent and has not hurt anyone to date. People have sensed an eeriness but never an unfateful encounter. Therefore as a sign of respect to the spirit of Major Burton, the palace workers have a portrait of him, a chair and an unwrinkled uniform for him. Well, if you also want to meet this friendly ghost, you should definitely visit Brij Raj Bhawan.
Maharani’s Palace
Well, is it even possible to talk about the top haunted places in Rajasthan without having one with a queen’s spirit, who died under mysterious circumstances haunting the palace? We didn’t think so either! So the next one on our list is Maharani’s Palace in Jaipur. Unlike other ghosts, the queen’s ghost can be felt in the early hours of the morning in this palace.

Also Known as Rajendra Pol’s Palace, this was the place of residence for the queens of the royal family. This palace is famous for its intricate detailing and grandeur. No facts have been found about any ghostly presence but the visitors often report feeling a sense of fear while exploring the place. It feels as if someone is watching them over their back. The halls, courtyards and various chambers in the palace are open for Visitors’ admiration and these folklores only make the exploration much more interesting.
Whether or not you believe in ghosts and spirits, these folklore stories and anecdotes add an interesting dimension and twist to the beauty of Rajasthan, adding a bit of darkness to the royal shine. Many of these sites have now been converted into heritage hotels and we think you should definitely visit them at least once to experience the mysteries of the afterlife.

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